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Summary Issue/project tracker in php/MySQL
Category issuetrack
License GNU General Public License
Owner(s) telesoftsg


The goal of FrameScheduler project is to provide the freelance team leader with the tool to manage customers, projects, project tasks/issues, members and their salary.

The scope of this project is to track:

  • customers;
  • projects;
  • project tasks;
  • members;
  • managers;
  • subteams/project teams;
  • hours, reserved for task (project total) to make it finished;
  • hours, members spent on task (on project total);
  • discussions, attached to the tasks;
  • analysis of workhours spent financial efficiency;
  • analisys of finished projects financial efficiency;
  • analisys of members workload.

Written from point of view of freelance team leader. Allows 2 ways to count salary for each member:

  • hourly, based on hours spent and member hourly rate;
  • project/task based.

Developed with php/MySQL using Smarty.

Contrubutors are wolcome!